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Be a part of Negenmaandenbeurs and get in touch with about 50.000 (prospective) parents. Since 1985 Negenmaandenbeurs has been a strong platform for boosting and demonstrate your (new) product to see how your (new) product is received by the public. It offers you an audience that benefits you all year round.

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A successful participation starts with defining your objectives. What do you hope to achieve and when will you consider your participation as successful? Our experts are happy to help you with a plan to achieve your objectives.


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Frequently asked questions

Exhibiting at the Negenmaandenbeurs

    The Negenmaandenbeurs covers 3 halls where visitors can find everything related to pregnancy and babies. From inspiring (new) products and informative sessions to great deals from new and established brands.

  • Hall 8: the hall next to the main entrance with, among other things,responsible offers at our Pure Baby Plaza, all things hardware, food parties and baby rooms.
  • Hall 9: a "festival-like” hall with a ‘bakfiets’-track, food trucks and a shopping street with all sorts of little must-haves for fathers and mothers (to be). New companies can also go here!
  • Hall 11: mainly about maternal fashion and children's clothing, toys and all other fun things for children up to 4 years old.

    Of course, the Negenmaandenbeurs promotes your presence, but we also do so for all other brands present. Extra visibility? There are plenty of opportunities to make your brand stand out, from a promotional item at the event to a promotion in our monthly newsletter or on Instagram.

    We do not invoice the total participation fee in one go. Within 30 days after signing the contract, we will ask you to pay 25% of the total amount. The rest will follow in the 3 months prior to the event. This amount needs to be paid no later than the first set-up day.
    New or parents to be are constantly looking for information at the Negenmaandenbeurs to prepare themselves for life with a child. Perhaps you are the perfect partner to provide them with this information! The Negenmaandenbeurs has an Expert Lounge but also interactive sessions during which parents (to be) can learn how to be prepared for parenting. If you are interested in branding, there are plenty of opportunities to sponsor a terrace or a food lounge, for example. I’m happy to brainstorm with you about a tailor-made solution.

  • Exhibiting can start from € 1.200.00 where your stand will be completely built for you.
  • From 12m2 and up, it is also possible to design and build your own stand, which must be approved by and consulted with the team. Costs are then € 2,595.00 (€ 175.00 per m2 excl. registration fee of € 495.00).
  • Do not forget that you also need carpet, electricity, light etc. You can arrange this with your own stand-builder or you can choose to hand this over to RAI Amsterdam for € 84.00 per m2. Your stand will be ready to be set-up on the 18th of February (the Monday before the start of the fair)Do not forget to also take into account costs for the staff on your stand, parking costs, cleaning and waste processing costs and, for example, a lunch. For this too, you can decide to do this yourself or to outsource it.
    Do not forget to also take into account costs for the staff on your stand, parking costs, cleaning and waste processing costs and, for example, a lunch. For this too, you can decide to do this yourself or to outsource it.

Custom price? Leave a callback request!

    In the Exhibitors Portal, for which you’ll receive a login after registration, you’ll find everything to prepare for participation at the Negenmaandenbeurs. From arranging electricity to logos to bring your participation to the attention of your followers. We will send you an email with the latest news about the Negenmaandenbeurs, (new) concepts and reminders. If you would like to ask your questions in person, then you are more than welcome as an exhibitor to attend our participants meeting in November. Exhibitors will receive an invitation for this.
    That would be me, Marja Horstman. If you have specific requirements, I will connect you to one of our specialists. Together we’ll ensure that your participation at the Negenmaandenbeurs will reach its full potential.

Online possibilities

    The Negenmaandenbeurs has multiple online channels with numerous possibilities that help you achieve your goals. Think of your banner or branded content on our website, or an advertorial in our monthly newsletter. Negenmaandenbeurs also has an active fan base on Facebook and Instagram where you can, for example, do a giveaway or create a poll, to get more insight about your product or service.

    In addition, a number of specific products has been developed in recent years. Think of a quiz in which you, as a brand, can claim authority in a specific area. But also, for example, a video recorded at the event.

    In short, there are many different possibilities online and on our app. For more information, please contact Marja Horstman via T: 020 549 12 12 or
    We are happy to make you a proposal based on your objectives and desired results. For example, a video or giveaway lends itself more for branding, but if you want to promote your brand as a knowledge platform, then an 'advice hour' on Facebook, for example, would be a more suitable option. For more information, please contact Marja Horstman via T: 020 549 12 12 or
    Sure! We are always open to ideas when it comes to increasing your (online) visibility. Do not hesitate to contact us via T 020 549 12 12 or We’re happy to work together
    We have a website (with 284.000 unique visitors), Facebook page (about 28.000 fans) and our recently launched Instagram account, which is a fast growing channel with an active following of pregnant ladies and new moms. In addition, a monthly newsletter is sent out to 62,000 subscribers and we share video and vlogs on our YouTube channel.
    After purchasing a ticket for the Negenmaandenbeurs, our visitors like to be kept informed about participants and the programme. They are constantly looking for inspiration and information! With a perfect mix of exhibiting and online visibility, you will strengthen your own campaign!
    Various studies among our visitors have shown that they want to be informed and inspired year-round. They regularly consult and our social channels. Every month, we select great deals for them and offer them, in addition, informative and fun articles to read. The monthly newsletter is also well received. Not everyone is able to visit the Negenmaandenbeurs in February, so our other channels are definitely of added value throughout the rest of the year.

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Your goal is important. We are here to assist you in achieving your objectives.


Our team has lots of experience in organising A-list events.


RAI Amsterdam is easy to reach by public transport, car and air: we are just a few minutes from the city centre and an eight-minute drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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At the Negenmaandenbeurs you will meet thousands of visitors from your target group.